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Laws passed making industrial hemp legal

2014 Farm Bill Act, Section 7606 

Congressional act passed every eight years 

Section 7606 is the only federal hemp legislation that includes "floral extracts (flower)" in the definition 

The flower being the only part of the hemp plant where CBD is produced 

Section 7606 is the only federal hemp legislation that eliminates cultivated hemp and related hemp products from the definition of the Controlled Substance Act  

Under the program, the growing of hemp is not considered as growing marijuana 

Legally grown hemp through Section 7606 does not fall under the jurisdiction of the DEA 

Agencies have to follow congressional ruling despite DEA's attempts to pass contradictory acts as they cannot counter congress -- as confirmed by the Acting Head of the DEA at a Congressional hearing in April of 2017 

Omnibus Appropriations Act 

Budgetary act passed every year 

Prohibits use of federal funds to stop processing, transport, sale and use of industrial hemp grown in the grown in the United States under the 2014 Farm Bill Act 

NC SB 313 

Passed on October 31, 2015 

Recognizes the importance and legitimacy of industrial hemp research in compliance with portions of the 2014 Farm Bill Act and to help bolster North Carolina's agriculture employment 

Formation of the Industrial Hemp Commission began in North Carolina 

NC HB 92 

Passed on July 11, 2016 

Expanded the membership of the Industrial Hemp Commission through granting the Commission rulemaking authority, stipulation industrial hemp research programming must be done conjunction by State and land grant universities, authorizing licenses and research purposes, create civil penalties as necessary, and amending the state's definition of marijuana to allow for production of industrial hemp 

Conclusion that as long as the CBD product is derived from industrial hemp, it is completely legal. 


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